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Wake Up Black Brothers and Sisters: Barak Obama is not Your Friend!

Barak "The Second Coming of" Obama

To all my black brothers and sisters who dogged me when I stood firmly against Barak Obama and his eloquent rhetoric during the presidential campaign in 2008, I ask bluntly, “how you like the brother now?”.  In the nearly 3 years Mr. Obama has been in power he has proved to be just another puppet politician – another version of Bush but with a larger lexicon, greater charisma and course Oprah’s undying love.  And although his poll numbers amongst blacks has declined by about 7% … “Once monolithic, blacks’ support for the first African American president is still…immense. But for unclear reasons it’s declined about 7% from well above 90% to 85% in March.” http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/washington/2011/04/obama-black-support-slips-hispanics-too.html … it’s amazing to me that black America still judges this man based on the colour of his skin and not the content of his character.

Mr. Obama’s presidency, much like Bush’s, began very much under the radar – surely there were Mr. Obama’s slipping poll numbers that began to reflect a growing unease with his Administration, but that was always explained away as being the fault of the non-support from the “racist” majority-white Republican party.  But then we had the BP Gulf Oil crisis which should have given us the full picture of Mr. Obama’s complete lack of assertiveness and leadership in difficult circumstances – and it did for most people except for the majority of my aforementioned brethren.  Instead of using all the possible resources to combat the oil spill – be it from the proper nation or anyone else willing to help, http://www.calgarybeacon.com/2010/07/obamas-leadership-skills-questioned-throughout-bp-crisis/  he waited until BP itself found a solution for the problem.

While oil spilt over the Florida shoreline and through most of the Gulf of Mexico, I felt as if I was watching “Bush vs Katrina Part 2: The longer more cumbersome sequel with not as many on screen casualties so as to widen the audience margin” – who wants to see more dead bodies floating in the water anyway?  Can anyone recall one important presidential moment from that escapade?  Was it his “firm” speech directed towards BP – which sounded more like an old mother telling her delinquent son to not hang out with those riff raff’s from down the way, knowing that he was going to go anyway?  Or was it his trip to the Florida waters to take a swim – in an area that relies more on fishing than the Miami Beach crowd.

After months of grueling reportage things slipped back to the usual – complaining about the economy – song and dance.  Until of  course there arose a new global crisis for our “Global President”: a deadly earthquake in Japan caused an accident in the nuclear plants located in Fukushima which subsequently began to emit radiation.  And like any good old American in March, instead of adressing the issue, Mr. Obama was giving talks on NCAA picks and traveling to Brasil (you missed Carnival by a few weeks my friend, but I’m sure you can still find a few parties to go to!)  Our fearless leader did manage to keep things from straying too far off the Presidential track before his trip though as he made sure to start an illegal war against Lybia (well “Kinetic Military Action” to be true to the Administration’s definition – and so as to not confuse with Un-Kinetic Action of any sort). Which was then followed by a threat to Syria.

It’s unimaginable to say after the 8 years of horror at the hands of Bush, but we can at least credit him for attempting to go to Congress (as the U.S. Constitution commands http://www.house.gov/house/Constitution/Constitution.html section 8 clause 11) before beginning his personal war with Saddam.  He even went further and stood before the UN – albeit with what turned out to be dubious evidence.  Mr. Obama on the other hand made it quite clear that his campaign slogan wasn’t made up of just words thrown in the air: “yes We can!”  I just worry that the “we” in the famous phrase refers not to his supporters and himself but rather to him and his political clan.

All this begs the question: “What have we learned from the Obama presidency so far?”  Well, for one he really likes basketball – inviting all the big boys from the NBA for a game  at the White House was headline news.  He’s also okay with gays – adios “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  He’s proved to be an incompetent negotiator – unable to pass health care legislation even when his party was in the majority.  This is a man who is also afraid to take any firm stand which might hurt any one’s feelings: his wishy-washy treatment concerning the Ground Zero Mosque is a testament to that and so is his hazy opinion on immigration reform.  He is like the mercurial guys we remember from High School who didn’t want to offend anyone so as to become every one’s friends.  I sometimes wonder what became of those guys after the real world came crashing about them and they realized the spinelessness may win you a temporary drinking buddy but it doesn’t built respect nor does it garner real friendships of valour.  Maybe these guys folded, or maybe they became men of integrity and opinion, or maybe they became politicians.

Since Obama has been in power nothing that Bush had implemented or done has been cleared.  We still have a Patriot Act (Obama just recently signed on for it’s extension), we still have troops in Iraq and Afghanistan (even with the “death” of Bin Laden it seems like the occupation now has no end in sight), a prison in Guantanamo Bay and much more. For sure we will soon have expanded Kinetic Military Action in Lybia which is rapidly leading to Humanitarian Ground troops so as to not call it an illegal war – did I mention Obama had a larger lexicon?  Syria is next and threats already have been made against Pakistan.  Furthermore. since the Bush years, the economy hasn’t bettered and neither has the unemployment rate.  There’s isn’t any raw evidence that the country is any safer from terrorists – unless you want to consider the “Spy on your Neighbors” adverts in Wal-Marts, cameras everywhere and TSA naked body scans and body gropes at airports “safer”.

With more chaos and Kinetic Actions at hand, Nobel Peace Prize winning President Barak Hussein Obama will have his right place next to Bush and nearly every other President before them, as another nail in the coffin of what was once the greatest nation on earth.  Even with it’s flaws America was once a dream trying to built itself into a reality, a respectful idea that even the most disparaged of it’s inhabitant could at least fight to defend and integrate himself into, but who can be proud to wave the flag anymore?

I started this text calling out my black brothers and sisters because it was principally they who were more moonstruck than anyone by Mr. “Second-Coming of Christ” Obama.  I hadn’t seen this sort of blindness to the obvious based solely of race since the O.J. Simpson trial – and I was too young to truly understand the breadth and scope of what that truly meant and stood for when it was happening.  This phenomenon isn’t only unsettling due to it’s sheer ignorance, but also because it gives us a definitive marker of how divided America still is by race relations.

So I ask you my brothers and sisters, “are you willing to look past the colour and see the man?”  Your freedom and well-being is at stake.  Your mind is still yours.  And freedom is still a right not endowed by any government of by any man, but by the Almighty Creator himself.  Use it!

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