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Brazil Wins It’s Second World Cup Match With a Show of Beauty and Force

Order and Progress ... Dunga's Line

Brazil won its second World Cup match yesterday 3-1 in convincing fashion against the Ivory Coast. Fans that had been complaining about an ugly game from Brazil could rest their minds at least for the moment – for the only ugliness came from the part of the judges and the opposing team.

Two of Brazil goals came from forward Luis Fabiano. The first was a precision shot from short range after some tricky passing between him, midfielder/forward Robinho and midfielder Kaká on the way to the penalty area. It shot up at just the right angle to rise over the hands of the Ivory Coast goalie Barry.

The second goal Fabiano scored was artful though controversial. He kicked over two defender’s heads and controlled the ball on his shoulder before kicking it into the goal. The ball in avertedly touched part of his arm amidst the acrobatics (harkening back to Maradona’s “Hand Of God” goal) but it was quickly enough and so clearly not intended to be ruled inconsequential to the final resulting goal – and even the referee who saw it plainly smiled it off.

Elano the midfielder also made his second World Cup goal in as many games. His was a soft controlled shot in front of the net from a perfectly fed ball from Kaká – who played much better this game than he did the last.

From then on things took a turn for the worst. The Ivory Coast players appeared irritated by the Brazilian dribbling antics and compensated by playing rougher. The referee didn’t make a big deal of it and it only led to the attacks becoming even harder – with eventual grim consequences: when Elano slid to try to strip the ball from the Ivory Coast player Tioté the player went over the ball and rammed his foot into the Brazilian’s shin upwards near the knee. There was no foul given.

Elano was carried off the field looking as if he had fractured a bone and the hard play mixed with terrible officiating continued – finally culminating in Kaká being thrown out of the game (and receiving a suspension from the next game against Portugal) for what was essentially a non-foul – the player Keita bumped into him and performed a perfect flop, looking as if he had been elbowed hard.

Even after this expulsion the violent play went on until the very end, but what stood out more is that Brazil did not lose its focus. The Ivory Coast did manage a goal, but it looked to have been as much as a surprise to them as it was to the Brazilians and so carried no weight behind it.

At the end of the match Brazil and its fans rejoiced – there was the “beautiful game” we had been waiting to see. Dunga looked vindicated (at least for a day) and the country classified for the next phase of the Cup. Kaká will sit out, as will Elano most likely, which will give both men enough time to rest, recuperate and train during a game against Portugal that matters but is not a game changer as far as classification goes even if Brazil looses. As I mentioned at an earlier time: things can only get better.

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